´Ě»Our Driver's Education course will help you understand rules of the road, laws, natural laws, and all the things and surroundings affecting your driving. Our licensed instructor will teach you everything necessary to operate a motor vehicle and not only prepare you to pass your DMV drive test but also become a safe driver. In your driving lessons, you will learn basic driving, freeway driving, three point turn, lane changing, all kinds of parking, residential driving, city driving and more.
In our training we emphasize instilling defensive driving habits and safe driving techniques, helping students become safe drivers throughout the years.
This is the groundwork for the beginning driver and provides the basis for becoming a safe driver.
After successfully passing the course you will be issued your NH Driver Education Certificate which will allow you to take your driver's test at the DMV and get your New Hampshire State Drivers License. THE CLASSROOM PORTION OF DRIVER'S ED DRIVERS ED
All students between the ages of 16-17 years old are required to attend a New Hampshire DMV approved 30 hour classroom instruction. The classes are 2 hours each, twice a week. There are a total of 15 classes. The key to easier learning, we have found, is participation. Lively discussions often ensue, and are encouraged, to make the classroom portion of the curriculum enjoyable and anything but boring. We have local and NH State Police in to do our drug and
alcohol programs which include a class with the Fatal

Vision Goggles simulating intoxication. The students are put through a variety of simulated road sobriety test which not only is educational but fun! MISSED DRIVER ED CLASSES DRIVER ED
We all have busy lives, and as such there may come a time when a classroom session cannot be attended. The State allows a student to miss 4 hours of classroom for just cause, this is determined by parents. THE DRIVING PORTION OF DRIVER'S EDDRIVERS ED NH
Students are picked up at school and dropped off at school, this insures a safe place for your child to be.
Each student will be taken out for 10 hours of driving time, with 6 hours of observation also done in the vehicle. Students are closely observed, and carefully given pointers which will help them to realize what, if any, modifications need to be made.
Calm, courteous instructions guide the student through each of a number of activities relating to safe driving, from secondary roads to freeways. One activity many students fear is PARALLEL PARKING. At Red Hill Driving School, they will absolutely be taught how to perform this maneuver. Every aspect of parallel parking will be shown. MISSED DRIVING TIMES
If a student schedules a drive time and fails to keep the appointment, a $45 fee is charged, unless a 24-hour notice is given. We encourage the student to find a replacement if possible. DRIVER'S ED PROGRAM COST New Hampshire DMV approved Driver Education Curriculum includes the standard 30 hours of classroom instruction and 10 hours of on the road "drive time" all included in the tuition price, please check the school location of your choice for the tuition price.
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